Debra Cerda began working in the water industry in 1997, as an environmental technician for the City of Austin’s Watershed Protection Department.┬áParticipated in the Barton Springs Study, Jollyville Plateau Salamander Study, and various routine studies for environmental impact assessment.

Skills include:

  • Performing chemical, biological and physical testing of streams and springs, as well as aquatic macroinvertebrate identification classification.
  • Interpret water quality, flow and biological data.
  • Operate and calibrate field and lab testing equipment.
  • Conduct training in sampling and analysis.
  • Organize and prepare reports and memos based on data evaluation.

Debra worked as a Surface Water Operations and Maintenance Technician for the City of Austin’s Davis Water Treatment Plant, and holds a Class C Surfacewater Operator:

  • Collect samples, complete chemical tests and calculate chemical dosages calculations, and perform process quality control testing.
  • Analyze, calculate, interpret data and prepare daily reports.
  • Conduct periodic checks of water pumping operational equipment. Monitor flow and pressure rates.
  • Operate and monitor instrument control panels. Calibrate, adjust, maintain and repair treatment and pumping equipment and facilities.

Ten years as a Drinking Water Quality Specialist for the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

  • Provided technical assistance to public water systems throughout the state of Texas, to ensure compliance with the drinking water standards, primarily chemical monitoring.
  • Determined compliance for the Consumer Confidence Report (CCR), Nitrate/Nitrite and Disinfection Byproducts programs, assist PWS representatives with implementation and optimization of disinfection treatment to reduce disinfection byproducts and nitrification issues.
  • Performed data entry and quality control of compliance and inventory data through strict adherence to agency policy.
  • Managed compliance and inventory data in multiple Ms Access and Oracle products. Write, test, and deploy applications using MS Access, Visual Basic and SQL.
  • Rulemaking team member supporting creation and adoption of new federally mandated regulations into Title 30 Texas Administrative Code Chapter 290, as well as supporting guidance documents
  • external web page development and support for Public Drinking Water Section
  • Chair of Office of Permitting, Registration and Remediation Training Subcommittee Committee chair of the Office of Water Deputy Advisory Committee
  • past Texas representative on the U.S. EPA’s Drinking Water Academy Advisory Board
  • review data and prepare reports for EPA, management, legislative representatives, media, regulated community, and the general public
  • act as enforcement liaison in implementing the agency’s Enforcement Response Policy (ERP)

Director of Sales and Logistics for a groundwater diagnostics company, performing vertical well flow and quality profiling for selective extraction.